Work by Geralyn Shukwit

Open Saturdays 2-5pm (show run) or by appointment (icebox4go at gmail)

Nidus - Distraught Nature - Works portraying our only lonely Earth and us humans. This is our home, why do we foul our own nest? 

Opening is Thursday September 14th, 6-8pm.

Ken Butler, Denise Corley, Tom Fitzgibbon, Lila Freeman, Bobby G - Robert Goldman, Dana Gordon, Rick Krieger, Gary Mayer, Laura McCallum, Claire McConaughy, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Peter Reginato, Mark Rosenthal, Jackie Shatz, Geralyn Shukwit, Larry Web, Carolin Wood, Gregg Woolard

Tom Fitzgibbon | icebox4 salon at 53 S 11th St #4A, Brooklyn

Last day of show Friday Sept 29th. Pickup date Saturday Sept 30th 1-5pm.

Death and Taxes 2019 Bryan J Corley

one summer day show Wednesday July 26th, 7:30pm with Bryan J Corley (Detroit) and Tom Fitzgibbon (Brooklyn). Festivities, pirates, cake, other amenities. Come on by. Curated by Tom Fitzgibbon and Denise Corley. 53 S 11th St, #4A, Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

Sheila 2023 19x14 David Humphrey

the portrait show - opening thursday may 18th 6-8pm, through June 6th. curated by tom fitzgibbon

Matt Blackwell, Sophia Chizuco, Denise Corley, Bryan J Corley, Matthew Del Carmen, Vija Doks, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Lila Freeman, David Humphrey, Kent Johnson, Jerry Kearns, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Tom Otterness, Cara Perlman, Walter Robinson, Carri Skoczek, Jackie Shatz open times for the Portrait Show:

Sat 20th, 1-5pm, Sun 28th, 1-5pm, Sat June 3rd, 1-5pm

or by appointment (icebox4go at gmail). 53 S 11th St, #4A, Brooklyn, Williamsburg

The Parade 2017 22x30 Suzanne Unrein

the all fools show - opening thursday april 6th, 6-8pm show runs through april 27th

curated by tom fitzgibbon

Sue Bellamy, Joanne Brockley, Sunny Chapman, Denise Corley, Fernando Eguchi, Stacy Greene, Bernard Klevickas, Jonas Kyle, Laura McCallum, Seren Morey, Barbara Owen, Sasha Silverstein, Carri Skoczek, Louise P. Sloane, Leonard Titzer, Suzanne Unrein, Anna West, Steven Wright. Late addition Bryan J Corley. 

All Fools Show Opening

mark russell memorial service saturday March 25th 2pm at

past opening at icebox4

work from previous shows - inquiries invited

Cara Perlman

Life (Pre)veils: Bryan Corley at Cass Cafe

Bryan Corley in conversation with Ashley Cook

March 15, 2021

The relationships between the natural world and the concept of “human society” present themselves as problematic yet ultimately inseparable. When faced with an inevitable collapse projected for some time in the foreseeable future, generations of young people perhaps are dealing with this unending feeling of impending doom with a rather dry and dark humor that comes with a sense of acceptance. What is the role that image making plays during this process of grievance, catharsis and even in the production of acceptance or new hope? This question seems to be something that is emerging when viewing the work of Bryan Corley in the exhibition Life (Pre)veils at Cass Cafe. On view are 19 works that seem to be on some kind of dissected journey through different histories from art to mythology to meme culture, combining them all into an amalgamation that mirrors the contemporary “melting” pot of meaning that is this internet saturated world of symbols.

new works - Dimensional Delauney 2022 Denise Corley 17x9x4

Modern Art 2023 8x10